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Project Description

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What is an Executive Clean?

An executive clean is essentially when every surface (within arms reach) will be sanitized. Imagine walking into your office; (with a desk that has been cleared of all papers so that Scrub Masters can make it look and feel amazingly clean) and not seeing any dust or fingerprints, your phone and keyboard are sanitized from last weeks germs. Welcome to the executive club!

This is our most popular cleaning package…who doesn’t want it all?

Having a clean office not only improves employee moral and encourages everyone to be more clean in general but also public perception. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all feel more relaxed in a clean space. Compare how you feel in a super clean public washroom versus a scary gas station one in an unknown small town.

Okay, now think of something clean again!

Executive Details

  • Office Detailing
  • All Surfaces Sanitized
  • Reception/Lobby
  • Kitchen
  • Washrooms
  • All Staff Areas
  • Garbage/Recycling
  • Flooring

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